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Art Business founded by Artist Tom Wyatt offering a range of bespoke art services and original artwork.

About the Artist 

Liverpool based artist Tom Wyatt trained at Liverpool Polytechnic (LJMU), under the leadership of contemporary practitioners; Colin Beckett, Mike Knowles, Nicolas Horsefield and Peter Crabtree, all who exemplified standard and endorsed the continuity of great art of the past and highlighted the best of contemporary practices.

Tom says about his work:
“Even today I can still feel the influence of the aforementioned artists in my work whilst fuelled with inspiration and new direction from the works of Van Gogh, John Virtue, Pusan and Auerbach; capturing change through the use of colour and thicknesses of paint and working to the sensitivity and adaptation of light.

For the best part of 30 years, I have worked as an art teacher encouraging students to fulfil a passion for art in the same way that this had been gifted upon me. By my own admittance, I will be forever in debt to students of Liverpool as they recaptured my thoughts, creativity and assisted my work through the unpredictability of each teaching day, keeping me inspired.

In the later stages of my teaching career I felt the calling of France, which is not unusual for an artist, and it is here, finally that I am finding myself engaged with my everyday surroundings; nature, changes of mood, atmosphere, light and weather.

Drawing and painting has always been of paramount importance to me, the changes in light and mood on the structures of landscapes being a constant visual tool. Each day brings new change that encounters force for further direction and reconstruction of my work; each new day brings new life to my paintings until the journey within the paintings finds itself complete, having a life of their own.”

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